Where Music Meets Direct Monetization: LUIVE

Oct 02, 2020

Whether music is your greatest passion project, full-time career, or favorite hobby, you can now get paid for social media posts about it and support other artists at the same time. It’s all happening right now on LUIVE, the premium social networking and content monetization platform for creators and communities.

Create Music Content and Monetize Everything

Music videos. Album covers. Behind-the-scenes studio footage. These are just a handful of ways you can transform music into digital content monetization on LUIVE.

You can upload every photo, video, text, recording, and piece of visual media as paid content for your subscribers. Customize your prices for daily and monthly subscriptions and watch your listeners support you with every step of your music journey.

Want to step up your game even more? Create exclusive content and sell it as a unique purchase for your #1 fan’s private gallery on the platform. They’ll be able to store, access, and view it as a collectible only for themselves, and you’ll be rewarded accordingly for the one-time sale.

If you’d rather maintain a steady stream of income for your music content, simply choose the Paid setting when uploading and remove the custom price. That way, you’ll keep it on your profile for all current and future subscribers to view, without the option of buying it as a unique purchase. It’s all up to you, and you have the tools to make any choice you desire.

To monetize your daily adventures in the music world, upload 24-hour stories and get paid every time someone watches them. LUIVE allows you to set a custom pay-per-view price for each story, which means that your listeners can show their love for your latest projects while you’re still working on them.

Charge for 1-on-1 Calls with Your Fans

If you’re a professional singer, songwriter, or musician, now’s your chance to make money online by sharing your knowledge, insights, and expertise in paid calls with your listeners.

For every private live video conference with a subscriber, you can charge a custom price for each minute of your time. This enables you to mentor newer artists, host an exclusive Q&A, sell 1-on-1 music-related services, and so much more.

Not a pro just yet? You can still engage in casual conversations with your loyal supporters while you continue to sharpen your skills and master your craft. In addition, your caller can give you extra tips in real time to back up your music endeavors even more.

And you can do the same for your own favorite artists. At the end of the day, this is what genuine community is all about.

Connect with Musicians, Actors, and More

On this note, diverse community spirit lies at the foundation of the platform. While other social earning sites are geared towards one audience or another, LUIVE is breaking boundaries with a fully inclusive approach to monetized networking.

No elitism. No discrimination. No “you can’t sit with us” mentality. Everyone is welcome. And everyone is encouraged to adopt the mindset of a creator and supporter to keep the community cycle going. We’re all creatives at heart, just like we all have the power to uplift our peers.

Here, you can not only discover and connect with singers and musicians, but you can also meet like-minded people within adjacent communities. Beatmakers. Actors. Visual artists.

To broaden your horizons even more, step out of the music universe to make friends from completely different groups. Gamers. Fitness experts. Entrepreneurs. You never know who your next fan or collaborator is, and you never know what life lessons, friendships, and memories await.

Refer Other Artists to Earn Lifetime Passive Income

Music is a lifestyle, but it’s also a business. Step into the mind of an entrepreneur and become an influencer by generating passive income the smart way. With LUIVE's lifetime referral program, you can help your own network monetize online content by introducing them to the platform.

Reach out to other performers, friends, coworkers, and family and share your custom referral link. For every verified new user, you get a 5% commission of everything they ever purchase or withdraw on the website. And that’s not all. If they refer other people, you receive an additional 5% of their verified referrals’ total spend for life.

Music, business, and pleasure, all in the same place.

Enjoy 24-hour Support for Monetizing Your Music Skills

You’ve embraced a business mindset in relation to music. Now, it’s important to ensure that you have the necessary resources to sell your skills in the safest, most supportive way possible.

To do so, you can count on live support around the clock from the LUIVE team. No matter what time of the day or night, you’ll get instant guidance from a representative for any question, issue, or concern you may have about monetizing music content.

The platform also provides a fully secure environment for digital content monetization and social networking. All verified users confirm their identities with legal documentation before starting to monetize online content or engage in private discussions. Moreover, transactions are only made through certified payment processing partners, and billing information is never stored.

Safety, inclusivity, support, direct monetization, and beyond.

The future of smart social networking is here, and it’s called LUIVE.

Monetize your music goods, support other artists, and have fun today on LUIVE.


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