Where can you promote your LUIVE account?

Getting Started Feb 05, 2021

Creating a fan base is something all content creators are aiming for, and that is something we totally understand. Especially because besides creativity and skills, content creation also requires a lot of time and effort. The good news is that when it comes to LUIVE, all this hard work can pay off, both actively and passively.

So what are the best places you can promote your account and invite people on LUIVE through your lifetime 5% referral link?

  1. Facebook

We have always encouraged people to share their LUIVE profile with as many as they can, and Facebook is a great way to do that. It doesn't matter if you have many friends on Facebook or not, because besides sharing your link with friends, we are talking about Facebook groups. Try to find related topic groups, like "content creation," "making money online," and so on, and join them to let others know where they can find you and your services, while also sharing your experience so far.

2. Instagram

Another way that goes without saying is promoting your LUIVE account through Instagram. You can put your link in Bio, share it in posts, or make great teasing stories that will make your free Instagram followers convert into paying subscribers on LUIVE. You can also find accounts with a large number of followers and ask them to do shout-outs for you. And don’t forget, to make the most out of your passive income opportunity, invite other talented content creators to join through your link as well.

3. Twitter

The great thing about tweets is that they can be re-tweeted over and over again, so make sure your caption is worth re-tweeting. Try to find the best way to let your Twitter community know about you joining LUIVE, how you like it so far, that they could earn as well, some of LUIVE's features, and all of these things that will make people click on your link instantly and help you spread the news.

4. Telegram

Telegram groups have become more and more popular and are joined by thousands of people daily. The great thing about Telegram is that you can find groups on numerous topics, so decide what you are looking for and start joining as many as you can! These groups are a great way to engage in conversations and share the latest news, but you'll have to make sure they tolerate advertising. Try to search for "advertising Telegram groups," join them, and start sharing your link!

5. Reddit

Reddit is another great method of promotion, and is one that works best once you make people become interested. One thing Reddit is known for is its large number of communities that are always there to answer any of your questions. Try to spread the topic as strategically as you can by joining groups and communities and letting them know about LUIVE, what your profile is about, and invite them to join you.



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