Monetize Everything: The Best Social Media Platform to Make Money Online

Oct 01, 2020

Have you been looking high and low for legitimate social networking sites that pay money, respect communities, and support creators?

‌‌Your search stops now, and your future starts here.

‌‌Welcome to LUIVE, the premium social network and content monetization platform where you get paid for social media posts, stories, live calls, and so much more.

‌‌A Safe Space for All Creators and Communities

‌‌We designed Luive to be an inclusive, secure, and supportive environment that empowers creatives from all walks of life. Yes, we’re talking about you. The clever mind with big dreams and brilliant ideas. We know you’re driven to succeed. And we’re here to support you every step of the way.

‌‌Let’s be honest. Digital content monetization sounds like an untouchable topic reserved only for tech-savvy marketers or uber-famous influencers. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone deserves the opportunity to use their skills to make money online, regardless of industry or interests. We’ve created the platform you need to make it all happen.

‌‌Belong to an Inclusive Network

‌‌Instead of dividing communities, we connect them. We’re artists. Entrepreneurs. Gamers. Consultants. Performers. Lawyers. Cosplayers. Food bloggers. Beauty gurus. Small businesses. Fitness experts. Adult entertainers. Digital nomads. Thought leaders. No matter what you’re passionate about, you’re one of us.


  • Travel blogger? Document your adventures and directly monetize your how-to vlogs.
  • Personal trainer? Upload paid workout tutorials and train clients in private conferences.
  • Chef? Film video recipes that subscribers will pay for on a daily or monthly basis.
  • Independent theater company? Charge for each minute viewed in a live performance.
  • Model? Sell exclusive photos and monetize selfies every time someone sees your story.
  • Business coach? Host paid webinars and charge per minute for one-on-one sessions.

‌‌The possibilities are endless. Any skill can be converted into paid content or a profitable live service. And every person has the chance to be both a creator and supporter. In times when solidarity is more important than ever, why would you pick just one side of the fence? You now have the tools to sell content and show love at the same time.

‌‌LUIVE is a global gathering, and everyone's invited.

‌‌Ensure Your Safety Online

‌‌We’ve all heard the cybersecurity horror stories. Credit card fraud. Identity theft. They only get worse from there, and they’re unacceptable. With safety as our number one priority, we’ve developed a high-level verification system to protect Luivers while they grow their online businesses on our platform.

‌‌In order to start monetizing content, engage in private conversations, or upload personal stories, all users must verify their identity:


  • To prevent attempts of portraying other people, photos with ID cards and legal names are required for identity authentication.
  • Due to the diverse array of content welcomed on LUIVE, we double-check that every user is at least 18 years of age.
  • The images and data submitted to verify an account are strictly confidential and will not be published on the user’s public LUIVE profile, shared with other users, or supplied to unauthorized third parties.

‌‌What else do we do to protect Luivers?


  • We never store billing information.
  • We facilitate transactions solely through our official payment processing partners — Epoch, Paxum, and International Wire Transfer.
  • We have a content moderation system that uses a mix of live support and artificial intelligence to review and approve content prior to publishing — in real time.

‌‌To learn more about our commitment to online safety, fraud prevention, and user protection, please refer to our extensive Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

‌‌‌‌‌‌Access 24-hour Live Support

‌‌Social earning sites can be challenging even for the most seasoned digital enthusiasts. That’s why we have a full tech team on board — day and night — to assist you in the process.


  • Having trouble uploading your latest tutorial?
  • Not sure how you can set your pay-per-view price for stories?
  • Want more information about a specific monetization feature?

‌‌No matter what time it is in your corner of the world, you’ll get live support on the spot here. There’s no question or problem that’s too big or small, and our friendly team is happy to help with answers and solutions.

‌‌How to Monetize Online Content with Luive

‌‌When you have the right tools, resources, and features available, digital content monetization is a breeze. Now that you’ve verified your account, from this point on, it’s all about exploring the abundance of opportunities to make money online with LUIVE.

Make a Wave

‌‌Waves are the keys to get paid for social media posts. On LUIVE, a wave is a photo, video, recording, or text that you post to your profile as free or paid content for your followers and/or subscribers.

‌‌When uploading a wave, select the Paid setting to lock the content for anyone else other than your daily or monthly subscribers. If you want to raise the stakes and make top dollar for your work, set a custom price to make it a permanent unique purchase for one high-paying subscriber’s private in-platform gallery. Otherwise, you can delete the amount in the price field to keep it on your profile for recurring and future subscribers to view at any time.

‌‌Here are just a handful of money-making wave examples you can try out for yourself:

  • Vlog
  • Photoshoot
  • Tips & tricks
  • Recipe
  • Artwork
  • Course
  • Short film
  • Tutorial
  • Performance
  • Documentary
  • Cover song
  • Webinar
  • Dance video
  • Lesson
  • Selfie‌‌

‌‌‌‌‌‌Anything goes. Your imagination is the only limit. If you can transform your idea into online content, you can sell it on LUIVE. Then, subscribe to other Luivers to support them too. We’re all a community here.

‌‌Share a Story

‌‌Busy working behind the scenes for your latest project? Perhaps you just finished the teaser trailer for a new video? Maybe you have the perfect selfie that you don’t want to go to waste?

‌‌For all these and more, you can now charge a custom pay-per-view price for any 24-hour story you upload.

‌‌Yes. Every time someone watches the video or photo you posted as a story, you’ll get paid. Of course, you can always share free stories too, but why miss the opportunity to boost profits with every new view?

‌‌Sell Your Time

‌‌Time is money, and every minute of yours is valuable. For this reason, we’ve designed a built-in pay-per-minute feature for all private video conversations on LUIVE. This means that you can chat with your clients, students, or fans and be paid for your time, expertise, and talents.

‌‌Content creators can have a heart-felt chit-chat with their biggest supporters. Professionals can host individualized sessions tailored to the needs of their clients. Businesses can provide remote services for customers all over the world. Location is no longer a barrier, and each minute counts.

‌‌Make the most of LUIVE’s one-on-one video call monetization feature with:


  • Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Performing
  • Discussing
  • Online classes
  • Workshops
  • Custom sessions
  • Presentations‌‌

In addition to your cost per minute, you can also receive extra tips for your live service at any time, whether before, during, or after your conversation.

‌‌P.S. Stay tuned! In the near future, you’ll also be able to host a livestream on your profile and monetize along the way using the same pay-per-minute feature. This will enable you to promote the first part of your stream and then turn your viewers into paying customers for your live performance, training, demonstration, gameplay, and more.

‌‌Let’s do this.

‌‌Now, all that’s left is to become an influencer with a business mindset, increase your profits, support your peers, and have fun in the process.

‌‌You have everything you need at the tips of your fingers, all in one place.

‌‌To take your new online business to the next level, take advantage of LUIVE’s premium lifetime referral program. Share your custom referral link with your friends, family, coworkers, and external social media network to generate unlimited passive income. You get 5% of all the Luives your verified referrals ever spend, as well as an extra 5% of total Luives purchased and withdrawn by every new user they refer. Work smarter, not harder.

‌‌The future of social networking and digital content monetization is here, and your future starts now.

‌‌Create. Earn. Support. LUIVE.


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