LUIVE: 11 Things You're Forgetting to Do

Feb 23, 2021

In order to get the best out of your LUIVE journey, we want to make sure you will follow all the steps that will lead you into doing so. So here are 11 things that you might have missed out, and might be the reason why you’re not getting the full experience:

  1. Intuitive Profile Picture

Social media is all about getting to know people and allowing others to get to know you. Considering that LUIVE is more than that and that you also get the chance to gather a considerable amount of paying subscribers, catching people’s attention when they are exploring new profiles is a very important aspect. This is why your profile picture should always be one that represents you, or if you are here for business, one that best represents what you want to sell.

2. Cover Photo

The first thing people see when they are going through your profile is its overall aspect, and cover photos have always been here to help you improve that. Choose a cover photo that can let people know what you like, what your interests are, or what you are looking for.

You can do that by uploading your favorite picture of yourself, your pets, cars, and so on, or you can get creative and use your cover photo as your business card.

3. Updating your Bio

Bios are another way to let people get to know you. This is where you can write a short description about yourself, like a quote that best represents you, as well as sharing a little more if you want, like your age, birth date, and stuff like that, so that people will know when to congratulate you. Bios are also a great way to give hints about what you are offering, so try to let people know why they should pay for your subscription.

4. Setting/Updating prices

If you are a LUIVE newbie and you just started your account, setting your prices is one of the first things you should do. You can set a daily/monthly subscription price, as well as the price/min for live calls. No matter how much you will set your prices for, keep in mind that you can always update them later on once your popularity increases.

5. Leveling

Besides being fun, leveling also expresses your activity on the platform. People who will pay to see your content will most likely do so if they can get an idea of how active you are. You can boost your level by performing different actions on the website, like following people, liking posts, uploading content, and so much more! So if you want to achieve a higher level, just click on the "level"  button on your profile and see what actions you have to take in order to reach the next one.

6. Uploading content

Uploading content regularly is something most people tend to forget, but in order to keep your subscribers and even make them renew their subscription every day/month, you have to give them something to subscribe to. This doesn’t mean you will have to upload content every day, but as long as you are consistent and know how to keep your audience interested, that’s basically all you’ll have to do to make this experience a profitable one.

7. Explore

Another thing people forget about when they first surf through LUIVE is going to the “Explore” section. This section was created for all Luivers to find new profiles that can inspire them, match their interests, or make new friends. “Explore” is also a way to find the top profiles on LUIVE, see the latest news and live streams, and find out what other people are doing.

8. Engage through messaging

An essential part of keeping your subscribers is taking the time to answer their questions via messenger. Either they just want to see how your day was, or they want to get to know you more, or maybe just have questions about a product or service you are promoting on LUIVE, remember that here the only ones that can send you a message are the people who pay.

9. Verifying your account

Especially if you want to monetize, account verification is required. This way, you help us keep our one user-one account policy in place. Identity theft is something most people experience these days in online networking, and LUIVE is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Besides, if the reason you are here is to just purchase Luive packs, and not as a content creator, you get a 50% bonus for your first and 25% bonus for your second purchase if your account is verified.

10. Sharing your referral link

The best thing you can do once your profile is completed is to share your referral link. This way, you can expand your community and at the same time earn a passive income while doing it. Maybe you have a very busy week, and you just can’t find the time to post anything. You will be surprised how much passive income you can earn by just sharing your link as much as possible and in all the right places.

11. Making sure your content is exclusive

One of the most common mistakes new Luivers make when trying to monetize is posting the same content available on their other social media platforms. Free content is something that you can share anywhere, but the paid content you provide should never be one that can be found somewhere else. This is why it’s “paid,” and this is why people pay for it. Because it’s exclusive!

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