How to master LUIVE in a few steps

Getting Started Apr 01, 2021

What if you could travel back in time when social media was just starting to kick off, when Instagram was just this new app where people post pictures from time to time, having all the knowledge you have now? Would your Instagram account look different from the start? Would you try to make it into a profitable business, given that when it all started, there was little to no competition?

This is what LUIVE is for. Thriving to give everybody a chance when all the other platforms are so busy, and only SOME people can monetize the time spent there. Usually by advertising what other brands want to sell, but never from exploring their true passions.

So if you want to find out how to master this new opportunity, then this is just the article for you:

  1. Decide what you want to monetize

LUIVE is all about freedom of choice. This is why it was created, and this is why so many people love it. So if you want to make it as profitable as possible, the best thing you can do is decide what niche or niches you are good at, and then share your knowledge with others so that they can learn from you. Just keep in mind that the more exclusive your content is, and the more people can learn from the information you provide, the more likely they will be willing to pay.

2. Post regularly

One of the most important aspects when starting a new social media account is trying to make a habit out of posting regularly. This does not mean you have to post every single day, but taking the time to post a few days a week can really make a difference when it comes to growing your followers/subscribers base and, of course, keeping it.

3. Stay social

Let’s recap. Besides being fully monetizable and having all these great features, LUIVE is a social platform. And that’s why staying social is so important. Do you want to express something? Do it on LUIVE! Do you want to communicate with your friends? Do it on LUIVE! Wanna share how you feel about the latest news or what’s going on in the world? Do it on LUIVE! This will also be a great way to create engagement, which we will talk about in a minute, but what you need to remember is that until now, socializing has never been easier and more worthwhile on another social media platform!

4. Create engagement

This may be one of the most critical steps when it comes to mastering LUIVE. Just like on any other social media platform, think of your engagement rate as a meter showing your ability to keep people interested.

In order to create this engagement, you need to be as active as possible. Like we said before, active does not necessarily mean posting every single day, but trying to interact as much as you can, make people eager to see your next posts, and keep in touch with your followers/subscribers.


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