A Beginner's Guide to Luive

Apr 13, 2021

“What is LUIVE ?” You might ask. Besides being the world’s first premium monetizable social network, LUIVE is also one of the most exciting places you could surf on on the internet right now.

Once you’re signed in, you become a Luiver, and once you become a Luiver, you become part of one of the most outstanding communities.

So how can you become one, and what can you do with this new title?

  1. LUIVE Newbie  

If you just came across LUIVE, and you’re wondering what this is all bout or what you could do here, let me tell you, there are many options.

From the moment you register on the website, you can start expanding your community by following recommended profiles of the most popular content creators on the platform.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to decide what you want to do next, meaning you can choose the reason why you came here. Are you here as a content creator who wants to monetize his/her exclusive content? Are you here to purchase a pack of Luives and show your appreciation to those who share this content? No matter what you choose, you can always change that later, and no matter what you choose, you are now a Luiver.

2. Set your prices

Either you are a content creator or not, the next thing you have to do is set your prices (in Luives). “Luives” represent the website’s currency, and they are here to make everything more interesting. Remember, subscribers can have access to all your content (free or paid). You can set your daily/monthly subscription prices so that your subscribers can have access to your paid content and messaging, your price/minute for live calls, and you can also set a price for every paid picture you post so that your most loyal subscribers can purchase and add them to their collection.

3. Start posting and/or find people to subscribe to

Once you have set your prices as a content creator, you can now start posting. Either you are a chef, artist, entrepreneur, model, singer, writer, and the list goes on, it’s time to start sharing whatever you want to monetize. You can choose the way you want to make your posts: free or paid, this way deciding who has access to your content: followers or subscribers.

Either way, if you are here and have just purchased your first pack of Luives, it is now time to explore and find, follow, and subscribe to whoever suits your interests.

4. Monetize your content

What is the easiest way to monetize the content you share on LUIVE? Well, monetizing on LUIVE is not rocket science. All you have to do is make sure that the content you are sharing is exclusive and awesome! Think of it from the perspective of someone who would be willing to pay for a piece of content. What would you like to see? What would you like to choose from? Put it like that, and we can assure you that monetizing your passion has never been easier!

5. Passive Income

Now that you have set everything into place, it’s time to share your referral link on your other social media platforms and start earning a lifetime passive income of 5% for every person who registers through your link! This feature is available for you either you are a content creator or not, so keep that in mind and share as much as you can. You won’t believe how easy it is to earn Luives, even if you are not posting every day!

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